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The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Top squash racket is a competition racket, already used by competitors like the world No. 1 Mohamed El Shorbagy. This squash racket is the latest innovation from Tecnifibre launched in September 2022.

  • Top bumper been removed for more power and maneuverability
  • X-Arms technology improves the stability of the racquet
  • Pre-strung with Tecnifibre's latest premium squash string - Dynamix VP
  • Designed and used by Mohamed El Shorbagy
€151.66 -10%

The Tecnifibre Carboflex NS 125 X-Top squash racket is the latest Tecnifibre racket specifically designed for women. 

It is already used by Nour El Sherbini since September 2022.

The difference with the Carboflex 125 Airshaft is that this squash racket has a thinner grip.

  • Official racket of Nour El Sherbini, with a thinner grip than the standard 125 X-Top
  • The single shaft design offers a perfect combination of power and control
  • Comes pre-strung with Tecnifibre's latest string - Dynamix VP
€127.49 -10%

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 X-Top squash racket is a competition squash racket used by a lot of competitive players. This is the official squash racket of Marwan El Shorbagy since September 2022.
Do you want to keep power while gaining precision? This squash racket is made for you.

  • New 2022 frame design increases maximum impact resistance
  • No bumper allows for greater racket acceleration
  • Enlarged grommets improve the size of the sweet spot
  • Official rakuet of Marwan El Shorbagy

Tecnifibre Squash rackets

Discover our range of Tecnifibre squash rackets !

The complete Tecnifibre squash rackets range is available on My Squash. Tecnifibre is a 100% French brand, specialized in tennis equipment, padel but also especially squash! Launched in 1980, at the beginning, this company was only selling strings and quickly became famous in this area with its revolutionary string, combining strength and incredible quality of touch.

Over the years, Tecnifibre has grown by offering a range of tecnifibre squash rackets while respecting its commitments: quality and great durability. Don't be afraid! With a Tecnifibre squash racket, nothing can stop you, even Mohamed ElShorbagy trust Tecnifibre since many years. Come and discover our selection of Tecnifibre squash rackets ! Choose the model that suits you the best. Each tecnifibre squash racket we offer is an original model. In addition to that, we strive to offer the cheapest squash rackets on the market.

How to choose your Tecnifibre squash rackets ?

Whether you are looking for some Tecnifibre squash rackets with a large or small headsize, a balanced or head heavy racket, you will inevitably find Tecnifibre squash rackets made for you. It is important to know that each range (AP, Carboflex or SB) come in 3 models: 125, 130 and 135 grams! Thus, you can benefit from the same shape while having a difference in the distribution of weight and balance!

Come discover the latest range of Tecnifibre squash rackets 2018! The Shorbagy Brothers and Nour El Sherbiny are currently playing with them! The X-speed carboflex range is Tecnifibre's latest masterpiece combining power and touch to go beyond your limits. 

Each Tecnifibre squash racket comes with the original Tecnifibre 305+ or DNMX string. Your sensations and touch are not the same with your new squash rackets ? Think to restring them here with your usual tension! Discover our squash reels for your squash rackets.

The benefits of buying Tecnifibre squash rackets

Opt for a French  squash racket, synonym of quality! Do not worry, whether you are beginner, intermediate, confirmed or professional, there will inevitably be a squash racket that will suit you! Get a full cover when you buy a Tecnifibre squash racket !

A large number of international players trust the Tecnifibre squash racket range, why not you? You will find the latest  squash rackets of Mohamed Elshorbagy and his brother Marwan, but also the squash racket from Nour El Sherbini as well as Grégoire Marche.

Don't hesitate anymore, choose Tecnifibre squash rackets !

You will see that you will always get the best price for a Tecnifibre squash racket on My Squash. We ship your Tecnifibre squash rackets directly after you have placed your order. Do you have a question or comment about some Tecnifibre squash rackets ?

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