Squash Ball

€39.99 -€20.00

The 12 Dunlop Intro squash ball box is perfect for beginners or casual players.
This box of 12 squash balls is the ideal gift if you want to offer yourself or a friend who practice this sport something special.
This blue ball point squash ball is the most appropriate ball for players who start the squash and who want to progress quickly.

Squash balls

Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed player, an intermediate player or a professional one, you will find the squash ball you need.
Squash balls are available in boxes of 12 or 1 ball.

If you're looking for a squash ball, discover our wide selection of Dunlop squash balls.
Whether you're looking for high or low hang time squash balls, fast or slow squash balls, you’ll be very happy with the wide selection of squash balls available on My-Squash.com
Discover our wide selection of squash balls: Dunlop Competiton, Dunlop Pro, Dunlop Intro or Dunlop Progress squash balls. Discover also the new Victor balls - official ball in countries like Germany, Austria, Colombia, Brazil...

You will find the squash balls adapted to your level and your needs.
Beginner, intermediate, experienced or professional squash players will have the choice between the yellow, blue, red and white squash balls.
Find the squash balls in boxes of 1 or 12.