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€30.00 - €165.00

Adidas Squash Shoes

Opt for comfortable and performant squash shoes with the Adidas squash shoes.
You will appreciate their ultra-breathable technology that provide you a greater comfort and boost your performance on the squash court.

Make your choice among our selection of Adidas squash shoes.
Whether you have a classic or a colorful look, you’ll find the right squash shoes for your feet with our Adidas squash shoes range.
The Adidas squash shoes provide you a pleasant comfort, by allowing a good breathability to your foot.

You will also appreciate the structure and the soles of our Adidas squash shoes that bring you comfort but also protection, while providing you a great grip and maintaining perfectly your foot.
With our Adidas squash shoes, your performance will be improved on the squash court.

Our Adidas squash shoes have everything to make you happy: comfort, design, protection, and technology.
Discover our Adidas squash shoes and let yourself be tempted by a pair of ultra-breathable, high quality, performant and technological Adidas squash shoes.