About us

Who are we ?

We are primarily squash enthusiasts. It is from there that the website My-Squash.com is born with the goal of becoming the leader shop specialized in the sale of squash material: rackets, shoes, balls, strings, grips, overgrips , goggles, bags, clothes ...

We test and select the best products in order to give you the most appropriate advice for your practice squash.

Our history

My-Squash.com was founded in 2009 by Youssouf Mahamath, a squash player and professor since over 20 years.

Youssouf Mahamath - The man by whom all began
Having played handball as a professional in clubs like Dreux Meuvier, Saint Cyr, Villemonble, Créteil and Saint Raphael, Youssouf discovered squash at the age of 25 during his studies at a summer job. He discovered another approach to sport: having previously progressed as a team, he now pursues an individual project. It's been almost 20 years that he is passionate about squash where notably evolved in National 1 in France with the AS Capitol, 12 times France champion and double European Champion.
Willing to share his love for squash, Youssouf became a squash professor getting its state certificate. It was during this period that he made the observation that many squash players of all levels are looking for equipment suited to their practice of squash.

My-Squash.com - A passion for squash
Youssouf creates My-Squash SARL to meet the expectations of squash players: he offers both equipment and squash courses to provide enriched experience to practitioners. The activity is first launched in Ile de France at the end of 2009 at the national level
The conclusion is clear: if at the beginning practitioners tend to buy cheap rackets, they soon realize that test the rackets and take a better equipment makes sense. It is that mentor role that Youssouf endorsed by letting people test the racquets and by sharing his expertise on the available equipment.
Alongside many events are organized like tournaments, internships in France but also abroad.

2016 The year of renewal
Requests for squash equipment, whether rackets, shoes, bags or clothes are becoming larger. That's why Youssouf decided to devote his site my-squash.com on the sale and the advice of squash products to best meet the needs of players. The goal is to provide a single place to find all the squash equipment necessary for the proper practice of squash according to your needs. That's when he called on Olivier to develop the site.

Olivier Gracia
Having played high-level tennis until the age of 25, Olivier discovered Squash in the Club of Chaville, France. He fall in love immediately and got passionate for the game. His studies and his work brought him to Germany where he evolved in the club Black and White Worms, playing in the Bundesliga with good results: the Club won 5 league titles in Germany and 3 titles of European Champion.

My-Squash.com - The Future
Every squash player is different. The needs and expectations are different. We want to offer the widest range of products to best meet your needs. Squash is practiced all over the world and we will endeavor to advise and offer our products to as many players as possible! A new product is not present on our site? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to offer you this product.

Our ideology: Expert advice and secured orders at the best price
Service is at the core of our offer and we are proud of it! We want to offer you the best possible experience throughout the purchase and delivery process. We will be at your side when choosing the material, return the merchandise if needed or any support from our customer support.

Our team

Youssouf Mahamath

Olivier Gracia


"I did buy a pair of Asics shoes on my-squash.com and I was not disappointed with the quality or price. The product met exactly my expectations and the order was delivered to me quickly. I recommend the website!"
Captain Julie

"A rich information site with easy navigation, I quickly found the racquet I wanted. Just as quickly I received at home, suddenly I enrolled in my first tournament! "
Paul Garrouste

"Individual courses or small groups ensure rapid progress. Youssouf excellent teacher: he identifies weaknesses of the player and adjusts the course to their needs, without burning stages, but with a constant requirement. It progresses to each lesson in the right mood. "
Marta Dragon

"Top courses to technology and want to play again and again, we must also mention the patience Youss his cool pedagogy and team spirit that may be expressed after strenuous games of its many students! To progress we must also good stuff, ask him what will fit you the best teachers that we have 7 or 77 years:. Fun course, tonics, techniques, still appropriate to the mood of the student "
Catherine & Gerard

"Before the course, I had never held a racket. At the end of the course, I was enjoying playing. Good size qu'intensif is ideal for discovering the sport, in a good atmosphere and in small groups. I really want to enroll at a future session for further progress. Thank you to Yusuf for his patience and guidance! "

"Having learned to play squash on the job, this internship allowed me to work the bases and thus increase efficiency and accuracy of the ball hitting. Good learning, but I still have a lot of work! "
Carla Bruni Alias ​​or Robocop!