Squash bags

Discover our selection of squash bags to carry your belongings.
You can choose between large or compact squash bags.
They are all comfortable and ergonomic.

Find the squash bag you need with our selection of squash bags.
We propose you Tecnifibre, Prince, Wilson and Victor squash bags in our selection.
Make your choice between different squash bags: high volume squash bags, squash bags with several compartments and compact squash bags.
Discover our selection of squash bags and get ready for your squash party.

If you want to separate your shoes from your wet towel and your dry belongings, you’ll appreciate the squash bags with several pockets.
If you prefer to bring the bare minimum with your, you’ll love our compact squash bags.
Whatever your choice, you will carry your belongings comfortably with our squash bags, thanks to their ergonomy and their material.