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Wilson Squash Rackets

Check out our Wilson squash rackets range!

You will find on My Squash the latest Wilson squash rackets collection but also the old Wilson models from the BLX range. As you may know, Wilson is one of the largest American sports equipment manufacturer, based in Chicago. Wilson manufactures equipment for many sports such as golf, basketball, tennis and squash! You can trust the Wilson brand for their great value products.

Enjoy our selection of Wilson Squash Rackets ! It’s time to choose your next squash rackets. Each Wilson squash racket we offer is an original model. We strive to offer the cheapest Wilson squash rackets on the market.

How to choose your Wilson squash rackets ?

It's important to know that the new Wilson squash rackets range is separated into two categories. The Pro Staff range and the Blade range. The Pro Staff range is aimed for experienced squash players while the Blade range is for recreational players. These two ranges are available in 3 models with different technologies: the ultralight model, as its name suggests offers a very light squash racket, the countervail model has a technology which thanks to its balance reduces fatigue and gain power.

The light Wilson squash racket is the neutral model. Each Wilson squash rackets comes with Wilson's original string. Different sensations with your new squash racket? Think to restring it with your usual tension! Discover our squash strings for your squash rackets.

The benefits of buying Wilson squash rackets

Do not worry, whether you are beginner, intermediate, confirmed or professional, there will necessarily be squash rackets that suits you! You will notice that each Wilson squash racket indicates its technology.

For example, the ultra light racket will bring you touch and precision while the countervail will bring you power, make your choice! Do like Nicol David who remained No. 1 worldwide 108 consecutive months, opt for Wilson.

Do not hesitate on your next Wilson squash rackets

The best price for a Wilson squash rackets is on My Squash. Get a squash cover for any Wilson squash rackets purchased on our website! More over, you will receive your Wilson squash rackets very quickly thanks to our shipping service! You have a question or a comment about Wilson squash rackets ? Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, instant messaging or by phone.