Black Knight Squash rackets

Black Knight Squash Rackets

A large range of Black Knight squash racket is available !

Black Knight is a squash brand founded in Vancouver in 1976 and quickly became a major brand in the United States and in Canada.

Black Knight arrives strongly in Europe thanks to our collaboration. Indeed, we offer the unique chance to discover all the Black Knight models at the best price with a fast delivery. Come and discover all our models now!

On My-Squash, you will have the chance to discover each racket that are all different. Indeed, their balance, weight, string pattern and technology are all different. You will soon have your matchingblack knight squash racket in your hands ! It's up to you to choose the one which will fit you the best !

One word could describe Black Knight, innovation. The Canadian brand is well ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation, research and technology development. Indeed, Black Knight does not only realize a simple graphite frame squash racket, the brand develops advanced technologies.

Black Knight, a squash brand unlike any other

Black Knight developed many technologies for their squash rackets. For example, there is the « Nano-Crystalline" technology which is an additive incorporated into the carbon fibre reducing the vibrations and binding the carbon fibres better for an increased durability.

There is also the Thermal Core technology, one of the brand's signature technologies, available on most of their rackets. The thermal core is the name of the process used to pressurise the Black Knight squash rackets with overheated air during its hardening, offering a squash racket quality with higher specs.

Our favorite is the "Power Of 6" technology which is also one of the most complex. Let us explain: Black Knight strives to make rackets of incredible quality, using their very own "power of 6" technology: the basic frame is slimed to its minimum for impressive performance by analysing on a first stage 6 possible weak spots going from the grip to the head of the racket. This data is then used in a second stage to improve the frame until the ideal specifications are reached.

Black Knight is still full of other surprises and for more details, we invite you to read our descriptions of each squash racket.

The benefits of buying black knight squash rackets

If you're tired of breaking your squash rackets, we strongly advise you to buy a Black Knight squash rackets.With this brand, you no longer have to worry about production defaults.

Several great players use Black Knight squash rackets. Among themMathieu Castagnet, former number 6 plays with the Black Knight Ion Cannon Ps squash racket.

There is also Daryl Selby known for his incredible nicks, that plays with the black knight Ion element PSX squash racket.

Many other players use a black knight squash racket like David Palmer or Samantha Cornett. Be part of Black Knight team now ! 

Black Knight has an exclusive partnership with the Ashaway brand, which means that all black knight squash racquets are strung with Ashaway strings for better gaming experience!

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