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The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Top squash racket is a competition racket, already used by competitors like the world No. 1 Mohamed El Shorbagy. This squash racket is the latest innovation from Tecnifibre launched in September 2022.

  • Top bumper been removed for more power and maneuverability
  • X-Arms technology improves the stability of the racquet
  • Pre-strung with Tecnifibre's latest premium squash string - Dynamix VP
  • Designed and used by Mohamed El Shorbagy
€151.66 -10%
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The Tecnifibre Carboflex NS 125 X-Top squash racket is the latest Tecnifibre racket specifically designed for women. 

It is already used by Nour El Sherbini since September 2022.

The difference with the Carboflex 125 Airshaft is that this squash racket has a thinner grip.

  • Official racket of Nour El Sherbini, with a thinner grip than the standard 125 X-Top
  • The single shaft design offers a perfect combination of power and control
  • Comes pre-strung with Tecnifibre's latest string - Dynamix VP
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The Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 X-Top squash racket is a competition squash racket used by a lot of competitive players. This is the official squash racket of Marwan El Shorbagy since September 2022.
Do you want to keep power while gaining precision? This squash racket is made for you.

  • New 2022 frame design increases maximum impact resistance
  • No bumper allows for greater racket acceleration
  • Enlarged grommets improve the size of the sweet spot
  • Official rakuet of Marwan El Shorbagy

Squash rackets

Discover our selection of squash rackets

My Squash is a site with a wide selection of squash rackets, allowing you to find the one you need!

You should know that every racket is different, but you will find a squash racket adapted to your needs and whatever your level of squash.

There's something for everyone! The choice of a squash racket will vary depending on your level of squash: beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional.

You will find them with different frames: a large frame is perfect for beginners. A squash racket with a smaller frame is more suitable for more experienced players: it gives these players more precision and nervousness.

How to choose your squash racket? 

There is a general weight difference between the different squash rackets. On my-squash.com you can choose between rackets from 90 grams to 150 grams. The current average weight is between 120 and 135 grams.

A squash racket can differ from another depending on its balance. It can be balanced in the head, in the grip or neutral. So, the choice of your racket is made according to your type of game; if you are looking for power, precision, comfort, handling, tolerance, nervousness or speed. With our selection of squash rackets and their characteristics, you will necessarily find the one you need.

A squash racket can be different depending on the tension of its string. If you are looking to have a rather powerful game, it should be strung between 7 and 9 kilos. If you are looking to have more accuracy in your game it should be strung between 11.5 and 13 kilograms. However, stringing your racquet between 10 and 11 kilograms will allow you to have a neutral game.

The different brands of squash rackets

My Squash offers different brands of squash rackets. You will have the choice between different brands: Tecnifibre, Dunlop, Head, Wilson, Karakal, Eye Rackets, Salming, Oliver, Victor, Blackknight or Prince.

 Dunlop: it is a major international brand with a squash division. You will find in the Dunlop squash racket category a wide choice between different models. Nick Matthew's squash racket, as well as Ali Farag's or Gregory Gaultier's, are available!

Tecnifibre is a French brand, specialized in squash for some time. You will find a squash racket worthy of French quality. The Tecnifibre squash racket Carboflex 125 S is one of their greatest success!

Head is an Austrian brand, specialized in tennis rackets. The brand decided to develop a range of squash rackets while keeping the same spirit, which resulted in affordable and good quality squash rackets.

Wilson is one of the most present brands in all sports, some great players trust this brand like Nicol David who plays with a Wilson squash racket.

Karakal from Belgium has a reputation for creating very good quality squash rackets. It's rare to see a squash Karakal racquet break! Cameron Pilley, known for having the fastest service, doesn't often break his Karakal squash racket!

Eye Rackets is a new brand on the market offering a squash racket without protection grommets to play tight balls closer to the wall. Each Eye Racket squash racket is represented by a professional squash player. Discover the selection!

Salming, well known for its range of quality squash shoes, offers a range of very good quality Salming squash rackets.

Oliver is a brand renowned for creating an innovative squash racket range. Some great players like Simon Rösner or Lucas Serme have chosen the Oliver squash racket range for the top level!

Victor known for his reputation in the badminton world, have a range of Victor squash rackets available on our website. 

Prince is available on my-squash.com. Discover the latest range of Prince squash rackets. Their main ambassador is Ramy Ashour

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