How to choose your squash grip?


Squash rackets are available with a unique grip size. However, you can easily change the grip size by changing the original grip or adding overgrips.


Squash grip:

The grip is thicker and is placed directly on the handle of the racket thanks to the self-adhesive part on the back.

If you want to increase the size of the grip of your squash racket you can stick the grip over your original grip but in most cases it is advisable to remove the original grip beforehand.

There are different types of grips with different structures and here are the most common ones for squash practice:

- The sponge grips which have for a characteristic to be very soft and to absorb very strongly perspiration

- The micro-perforated grips which are provided with small holes allowing a better aeration and letting evacuate the perspiration

- The smooth and sticky grips which give a sensation of optimal catch in hand

The sensations are different for each player and we advise you to test them to make you a better opinion.

The overgrip:

The overgrip is thinner than the grip and is placed above the original grip or a used grip. You will find even more variations in structure, softness and thickness. These are less durable than grips because of their fineness but are also cheaper and easier to change.

We also advise you to test several of them to find the one that best suits you.