Wilson Whip 145 squash racket

The Wilson Whip 145 squash racket will accompany occasional players in their progress, thanks to the comfort and the power it brings.
This racket also has a long durability thanks to its materials especially the BLX Graphite.

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Wilson Whip 145 Squash Racket


The Wilson Whip 145 squash racket is lighter than the 155 Whip Wilson racket.
This is a very polyvalent squash racket.
It combines speed, nervousness, tolerance and maneuverability.
The squash racket has an intermediate weight (145g), which is perfectly suited to occasional players.
This racket will help players to improve their technique.
It has the right balance between a good playing surface that offers power and speed, and an optimal comfort with good maneuverability.

With its head heavy balance (36,3cm), this racket is more powerful.
With its 68,5cm length, you can have broader movements and therefore more powerful strikes.
Its 14x18 string pattern will be appreciated for its power as well.
The Wilson Whip 145 squash racket has a nice durability, thanks to the quality of its materials.
With its Power Hinge technology, you will have a wider sweet spot.
The BLX Graphite gives more stability to your racket, thanks to the rigidity it brings to the racket.
The Wilson Whip 145 squash racket long will accompany you on the court for a long time thanks to its quality.

It will challenge you and accompany you in your evolution.
With this squash racket, you will have lots of fun during your workouts and your matchs thanks to the comfort it brings to you.
You’ll be also very happy to see that your performance is improved more quickly and easily.

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Data sheet

68.5 cm / 27 in
498 cm2 / 77.2 in2
Weight (unstrung)
36.3 cm (head heavy)
Frame Color
Black / Red
Power Hinge Technology
BLX Graphite
String pattern

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