Wilson Tour 138 squash racket

The Wilson Tower 138 squash racket has been designed for players who already have a good technical level. Small headsize and lightness will provide an exceptional game experience.
With this squash racket, the game will be more nervous, more dynamic and more intense.

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Wilson Tour 138 Squash Racket

The Wilson Tour 138 squash racket is a high quality racket.
This squash racket is light with only 138g, which allows players to use it more easily and to be faster in the movements.
Its headsize is also small (467cm²): strikes have to be very precise.

For a better sensation you can add a Wilson overgrip on your squash racket.
The Wilson Tour 138 squash racket is for players who already have a very good level in squash.
If you want power, nervousness and responsiveness, then this racket will give you satisfaction.
With its red, black and white frame, you will not go unnoticed on the court.

This squash racket will give you style, but will also highlight your technical game.
Head heavy balanced, the Wilson Tour 138 squash racket will bring you power.
This squash racket features the BLX technology.
The Wilson Tour 138 squash racket is long (68,6cm).

Using a paire of Wilson squash goggle is very important to protect yourself from a black eye.

Its technology, combined with its length, will bring even more power, which will challenge you for a faster and more accurate game.
You’ll also appreciate its open string pattern (14x18): the open string offers less control but more power.
This squash racket is not suitable for beginners, but really for players with a good technical level.

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Data sheet

68.6 cm / 27.0 in
467 cm2 / 72.4 in2
Weight (unstrung)
36 cm (head heavy)
Frame Color
String pattern
14 x 18

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