Victor Red Jet XT-A Squash racket

The Victor Red Jet XT-A squash racket is solid and durable at a very affordable price.
With its 190g and its head light balance, this squash racket is perfect for beginner players

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Victor Red Jet XT-A Squash racket

The Victor Red Jet XT-A squash racket will delight you with its low price, weight and its head light balance.
It weighs 190g, making the Victor squash racket a solid and durable squash racket.
With its heavy weight, it transmits less vibration to your arm, which is more comfortable for you.
The Victor Red Jet XT-A squash racket is head heavy balanced (33cm), which is ideal for you as it brings you power.

Don't forget to protect yourself with a pair of squash goggles !

This is a long squash racket with 68.8cm, which allows you to get larger movements and therefore more powerful strikes.
The Victor Red Jet XT-A squash racket will help you gain self-confidence and improve your game more easily, thanks to its 14x19 string pattern that gives more power to your ball with less effort.
This squash racket is ideal for beginner or casual players as it helps them to strike the ball stronger.
It is comfortable, maneuverable and very solid.

To progress, it is important to buy the adapted racket but also to be equipped with the good squash balls. From that, we recommend you to buy a box of Dunlop Progress squash ball to improve your skills and your game.

If you're looking for a squash racket that's adapted to your level, that is durable and affordable, the Victor Red Jet XT-A squash racket is a great choice.

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68.8 cm
Weight (unstrung)
33 cm
Frame Color
String pattern
14 x 19

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