Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket

The Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket features several technologies: Aeroskin CX, Hybrid Cross Section, Glyde Polimer, Parallel Strung, Hyper Fibre and Tapered Shaft.
With this squash racket, players will improve easily their technique and their performance.

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Dunlop Force Evolution 120 Squash Racket

The Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket you will give you the impression to be like a hybrid between a shark and a snake: a shark that glides easily and quickly in water, and a snake that has a very flexible and very strong protective skin.
With this squash racket, your strike will be faster and more powerful, thanks to the Aeroskin CS technology, inspired by the skin of sharks.

The squash racket is stronger like a snake skin, thanks to the MoS2 Grommets technology.
The Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket is high quality, with its materials, like the premium graphite.
This squash racket will be with you on the squash court for a long time thanks to its durability.
Its neutral balance offers both power and maneuverability.
This racket is very light, with only 120g.
A head heavy balance gives power to the racket and a handle heavy balance gives more maneuverability.

With the Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket, you don’t have to choose, its neutral balance offer a good compromise between power and handling.
If you are looking for a resistant squash racket, durable, which brings power and maneuverability, then the Dunlop Force Evolution 120 squash racket is perfect for you.
This squash racket is suitable for intermediate players, who already have a good technique, but who wish to progress quickly.

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Data sheet

68.6 cm / 27 in
490 cm2 / 75.9 in2
Weight (unstrung)
extra head light
Frame Color
Aeroskin cx, Hybrid Cross section, Glide Polymer, Parallel Strung, Hyper Fibre, Tapered Shaft
Premium Graphite
String pattern

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