Tecnifibre Squash Dry Grip White

The white Tecnifibre squash dry grip improves the game comfort thanks to its tiny holes.
This squash dry is particularly useful for intensive players or when the weather is wet or hot.
This squash grip will make your game squash more enjoyable.

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White Tecnifibre Squash Dry Grip

You’re a regular squash player? An intensive player?
Your hands sweat during the game?

Then, the white Tecnifibre squash dry grip will be useful for you.
This squash grip is very absorbent, and thus, very comfortable.
Thanks to the Tecnifibre squash dry grip, the risk that your squash racket slips out of your hands will be highly reduced even if the weather is very hot.
If you look for a comfortable grip, you will love the white Tecnifibre squash dry grip.
When handling your squash racket, you will love the soft sensation of the Tecnifibre grip.
The Tecnifibre squash dry grip has a great absorption capacity: it is 5 times higher.
Sometimes, with just a few things, your squash game is much more comfortable and better.
And it’s the case with the Tecnifibre squash dry grip.
So, put the Tecnifibre dry grip on your squash racket.
It’s quick and easy.
You just need to remove the original grip from your squash racket.
You’re not obliged to, but it’s recommended.
And then, you just replace the original grip with the Tecnifibre squash dry grip

This grip is available in 4 colors: black, white, green and red.

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