Karakal PU Super Grip Multi

Enjoy an unmatched comfort with this replacement grip.
Equipped with the nano technology, the multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip is extremely adherent.

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Multi Karakal Super PU Replacement Grip

The multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip is the best-selling grip in the world!
With this multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip, you give a nice look to your squash racket, but above all, you get an excellent grip thanks to its properties.
With its smooth and pleasant surface, the multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip gives you incredible game sensations.

The Karakal Super PU Replacement multi grip is equipped with the nano technology and molecular particles.
This is what makes the multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip an excellent replacement grip and what explains why it is used by the world's greatest squash players.
For a small price, you have a replacement grip with a maximum grip and a unique comfort.
If you are looking for a very good quality replacement grip that fits perfectly your squash racket, that is very adherent and ultra-comfortable, then the multi Karakal Super PU Replacement grip will meet your expectations.


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