Tecnifibre Squash Dry Grip Green

The green Tecnifibre squash dry grip will improve your squash game, thanks to its tiny holes and its thickness (1,8mm).
Whether you’re a regular squash player or an intensive one, this squash grip will meet your expectations.

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Green Tecnifibre Squash Dry Grip

Regular squash players or intensive players, all have the same problem: sweat issues that affect our game.

To solve this problem, get the green Tecnifibre squash dry grip.
It is easy and quick to put on your racket.
You just need to put the sticky side on your racket.

Either you put the green Tecnifibre squash dry grip on the original grip of your squash racket, or, instead of the original grip, at your convenience.

The difference will lie in the thickness of the racket handle, depending on whether you remove or not the original grid.
The Tecnifibre grip is available in several colors: red, green, black, or white.
This squash grip is pleasant for your hands: it absorbs transpiration 5 times faster than classic squash grips thanks to the micro perforations.
You will appreciate the green Tecnifibre squash dry grip for its high absorption capacity.
You will also appreciate the thickness of this squash dry, with its 1.8mm.
If you want more, you can put also an overgrip.

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