Victor 1 yellow dot - 1 ball

The Victor 1 dot yellow squash ball is ideal for advanced players who want to boost their game and improve their technique.

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Victor 1 yellow dot squash ball - 1 ball


The Victor 1 yellow dot squash ball will please you for its slowness and its low bounce.
It is perfect for advanced players.
The Victor 1 yellow dot squash ball is a slow ball and has a low bounce, which is perfect to boost your game.
With this 1-dot yellow squash ball, your game is faster and more dynamic.
It is slower than the two-dot yellow squash ball, and has a higher bounce, which allows you to improve your technique, make the game quicker and more dynamic, while respecting your abilities.
With the Victor 1 yellow dot squash ball, you surpass yourself, and you improve your technique to go to the next level.
With this yellow 1-dot squash ball, you enter in the yellow-dot balls category, the category of experienced players, with a very good technique.

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