Dunlop Intro Squash ball - 12 balls

The 12 Dunlop Intro squash ball box is perfect for beginners or casual players.
This box of 12 squash balls is the ideal gift if you want to offer yourself or a friend who practice this sport something special.
This blue ball point squash ball is the most appropriate ball for players who start the squash and who want to progress quickly.

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Dunlop Intro squash ball - 12 balls

The Dunlop Intro squash ball is the "beginner" ball in squash.

It is marked by a blue dot, indicating the category to which it belongs, ie the first category, the easiest one.

This little rubber black squash ball is ideal for players who are starting or want to perfect their technique.

The Dunlop Intro squash ball has been designed to facilitate the technical work and make the player progress more easily.

This squash ball is available in boxes with 12 units.

This 12 squash ball box is ideal if you loose your balls, if you want to train more intensely or if you want to offer them.

This box of 12 Dunlop Intro squash ball is perfectly suited to develop the skills and techniques of beginners.

So if you are a new squash player, if you want to work a particular technique, this box of 12 Dunlop Intro balls will delight you.

This single blue dot squash ball has a diameter which is 12% greater than the ball used in international competitions, the double yellow dots ball.

The Dunlop Intro squash ball also has the advantage for beginners to be the fastest in squash, it bounces more, and thus offers comfort to casual gamers.

These Dunlop Intro squash balls will give you great pleasure when playing.

So if you are a new squash player, or if you are a casual player, a recreational player, choose this box of 12 Dunlop Intro squash balls.

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