Prince Pro Lite 2 squash goggles

Play with style with these Prince Pro Lite 2 protective goggles.
Red frame to dynamize your style, ventilated and resistant glasses for more visibility, stable glasses for more comfort: these are the main characteristics of these protective glasses.

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Prince Pro Lite 2 squash goggles

You want to play safely while having a good visibility?
The Prince Pro Lite 2 protective squash goggles are ultra-light and strong at the same time.
They are stable, they adapt to your morphology and allow you to play under better conditions.
With the Prince Pro Lite 2 squash goggles, you get a good visibility thanks to the ventilation of these glasses.
You will not be bothered by the fog and you will be protected from possible shocks during your squash sessions.
They are very pleasant to wear, they are stable on your nose and your face.
The Prince Pro Lite 2 squash eyewear is resistant, durable and strong.
With these squash goggles, focus on your game and play serenely.
You will not only appreciate the aesthetics of the Prince Pro Lite 2 squash goggles, their sleek lines, their red frame, but also their comfort and their resistance, and all this, at a very affordable price.
Style, comfort, visibility, protection: by opting for these squash goggles, you benefit from all these characteristics.

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