Tecnifibre Suprem NG 130 - Squash grommet set

Take care of your string with the Tecnifibre Suprem NG 130 grommet strips.
Very useful, this squash accessory offers a second youth to your squash racket.

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Tecnifibre Suprem NG 130 - Squash grommet set

For a very affordable price, you have the possibility to give freshness to your racket by replacing worn grommet strips by new ones.  
The Tecnifibre Suprem NG 130 grommet strips prevent the string from breaking and your racket from wearing.
With new grommet strips, you can use your squash racket much longer.
The Tecnifibre Suprem 130 grommet set is a very important squash accessory.
But as all products, even of excellent quality, there can be a problem of wear.
So, instead of changing the entire racket, you just need to replace the worn grommet strips with new ones and your racket is like new.
Grommet set is an indispensable squash accessory if you want to keep your squash racket as long as possible.  

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