Head - Squash grommet set

Our Head squash grommet strips are affordable and high quality.
This accessory will give your squash racket a second youth.

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Head - Squash grommet set

You are fan of your Head squash racket and you don’t want to stop using it even if it’s worn?
Then, a good solution is to opt for a Head squash grommet set.
With this accessory, you can repair quickly and easily your squash racket.
Discover our selection of Head replacement grommet sets and get the one that suits your Head squash racket.
In only a few minutes, your racket is new and ready for intense squash sessions.
Keep using your favorite squash racket with the Head grommet strips.
Our Head grommet strips are very affordable and very easy to place on your squash racket.
Boost your game by giving a second youth to your squash racket.

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