Endless backpack - Compressport Racket

Discover the first 500% extensible squash bag !

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Endless backpack - Compressport Racket

Discover the first 500% extensible squash bag !

You will love the compressport endless bag pack by its simplicity and innovation.

This is the first mini bag with maximum capacity!

This squash bag has been developed with an ultra-stretchy fiber inspired by other compressport products with the 3D technology and the 100% seamless innovation.

This compressport endless bagpack naturally adapts itself to its contents; computer, shoes, squash racket, balloon, towel, etc ...

This bag is perfect for players looking to have a multi-sport bag that can be used to carry their squash stuff but also be used during trails / races and for many other things.

Once empty you will find its original size, you can even put it in your pocket!

Thanks to its technology, once the bag goes to its original size it will not be slacked or damaged!

You will have the choice between various colors, red, blue, pink ... Everyone his color!

Get 2 years warranty on all compressport products!

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72% Polyester / 18% Polyamide / 10% Polyamide

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